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Who We Work With


Blue Collar PEOs obviously specializes in servicing the blue collar trades. Because our background and expertise is in the construction and distribution industries it only made sense for us to focus there. Because we also employ construction and distribution personnel and have used PEOs for over 11 years, we have learned valuable and costly lessons which we can now pass onto you. Blue Collar PEOs offers extremely competitive pricing but one invaluable lesson we have learned is price isn't everything in this industry.

Although our specialty is in the hands-on trades we also help companies in all industries reap the benefits of a PEO. Just because you are a software company doesn't mean we can't help you save tens of thousands of dollars on your health insurance and relieve the administrative burden of human resource functions.

Blue Collar PEOs specialize in working with:


General Contractors
Commercial Contractors
Residential Contractors
Industrial Contractors
Excavation Contractors
Foundation Contractors
Concrete Contractors
Framing Contractors
Electrical Contractors
Plumbing Contractors
HVAC Contractors
Roofing Contractors
Siding Contractors
Drywall Contractors
Painting Contractors
Trim Contractors
Cabinet Shops
Glass (Glazier) Contractors
Tile Contractors
Masonry Contractors
Landscaping Contractors
Paving Contractors
Rigging Companies

Distributors / Manufacturers

Long Haul Trucking
Local Trucking
Beverage Distributors
Food Distributors
Lumber Yards
Building Material Suppliers
Auto Parts Distributors
Retail Distributors
Third Party Logistics Companies
Distribution Centers
Moving Companies
Warehouses (all kinds)
Manufacturers (all kinds)