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Blue Collar PEO’s is owned by Trevor Doyle and is based in Connecticut.  Even though we are based in the Northeast we have workers comp. coverage nationwide and can help you nationwide.  Trevor Doyle owned a staffing company that specialized in the construction and transportation industries for 20 years.  He placed construction workers including skilled trades, cdl drivers, warehouse personnel and anything blue collar.  He understands all the construction, trucking and warehousing codes in and out. 

During his time of operating a $40 million dollar staffing company that had offices nationwide he saw the benefits of using a PEO service.  Those benefits include the pay as you go program where there is NO DOWN PAYMENT, the ability to know exactly how much each worker is costing you, getting very good workers comp. rates as well as being able to get coverage anywhere in the country very quickly.  Trevor credits using a PEO for the majority of the success he had when he was operating the staffing company.

Trevor had never heard of PEO’s before and did not know what a PEO was until the staffing company that he owned ran into some workers comp. coverage issues and it was a PEO broker that introduced him to what a PEO was and the concept behind it.  After Trevor left the staffing industry he started up Blue Collar PEO’s to help get the word out about PEO’s and all the benefits that go along with using them.  PEO’s are a secret everyone should know about.

Because of his extensive hands on experience and knowledge of the trades and transportation industries, workers compensation insurance and the PEO industry he brings invaluable insights to Blue Collar PEO’s.  Trevor knows firsthand what makes for a good PEO relationship and what doesn’t.  He has hand picked a select number of PEO’s to work with who are the best in their specific industry.

Let Blue Collar PEO’s put you with the right PEO and learn from his experience over the years.  Here at Blue Collar PEO’s we understand how expensive workers comp. insurance is and how difficult it is to get good rates and did we mention NO DOWN PAYMENT.  We have been working directly with PEO’s to control these costs for our clients.

Trevor is a straight shooter; if he can not help you he will point you in the right direction.  With 20 years in the staffing industry he has seen it all so he does have a lot of the answers you are looking for.  All we ask here at Blue Collar PEO’s is an opportunity; let us see if we can save you some money and hassles.  We have coverage nationwide so even if you are not located in the Northeast we can be of service.