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Save on Workers Comp, Group Health Insurance & Payroll Expenses

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Save on Workers Comp, Group Health Insurance & Payroll Expenses


Blue Collar is a PEO Brokerage firm that specializes in matching cost effective, often dollar saving PEOs with construction and distribution companies. Blue Collar works with reputable perfect-match PEOs who provide Workers Compensation Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Total Payroll Processing, Human Resource services and administration for blue collar companies. We only work with a very small number of PEOs who are considered the best in the industry. We have insiders' knowledge and ACTUALLY know first-hand the benefits of using a PEO because we use one to employ our construction and distribution workers.


PEOs: Cost saving. Time saving. Hassle saving. A giant step up from your traditional payroll service.

There are a number of excellent reasons why you should let a PEO take care of your payroll, workers comp, employee benefits and employee administration for you. When you partner with a PEO you get all these services at big company discount prices. Your company gets the kinds of rates given to large corporations because PEOs have powerful purchasing and negotiating power. The pay-as-you-go structure of a PEO eliminates workers comp deposits and audits - a cost-and-hassle savings by itself. You also get to offer your employees benefits of a Fortune 500 company, no matter the size of your company. The employees save money by getting better pricing on their health benefits and cheaper expenses on their 401(k) plan. They are also offered additional tax deferral programs typically only seen in large a corporation which actually increases their take home pay.


US Department of Labor Statistics - predicts by 2020, that more than half of American employees will be employed by PEO'S.

Inc Magazine - Like purchasing pools, PEOs aggregate a large number of clients and their employees into a single group, and as a result often command far more favorable health insurance rates than individual companies.